Nyamming 2


Nyamming 2

TT Liquor
17B Kingsland Rd, London E2 8AA
26 OCTOBER 18, 7-10pm

Two exciting British female chefs from Sierra Leone/Liberia and Jamaica, respectively.

Through a 4-course dining experience and paired cocktail menu, they will share with us their varied and complex journeys to finding their own culinary voices.

The courses will be interpretations of classic West African and Caribbean dishes, using seasonal British produce. The chefs take inspiration from London’s modern food scene, and in doing so, add a contemporary layer to the Caribbean and West African diasporic food cultures.

Island Social Club hopes that the evening will introduce guests to the interweaving experiences of growing up in London as children of different black diasporas.

See the menu below…

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Rice Akara & Salt-fish Fritter
Small bites to awaken the senses.
Always offering a little something when guests arrive, both Marie and Nim draw upon their shared experiences of growing up British with parents of a diaspora. They’d welcome their guests with a little bite on arrival.

Sweetcorn Chowder
A cross-continental sweetcorn chowder served with a seasonal Pumpkin and Thyme Loaf
Both Marie and Nim wanted to create a dish that showcased ingredients that crossed over both cultures. They naturally settled on corn as it's versatility demonstrates why it is used in abundance in all three countries. While corn is coming to the end of it's season here in the UK, they wanted to celebrate it alongside a vegetable that defines Autumn, the pumpkin.

Seasonal Guinea Fowl
Served with Bitter Leaves, Liberia's national dish, alongside a stout and treacle reduction and dumboy.
In this dish Nim balances authenticity with palate. This Liberian dish is inherently bitter, as it says on the tin, so for the British palate, she complements the bitter leaf with, a slightly sweetened stout and treacle reduction, though a bitterness remains. Nim here explores the act of sharing her cultural heritage with her upbringing beautifully.

Vanilla and cinnamon poached pear with Madagascan vanilla ice cream
The delicately flavoured pear drawing the evening to a close, Marie wanted to marry something associated with the British Autumn weather, all the while pulling your tastebuds to the warmth and sweetness of the Caribbean. Creating a deliciously sweet, yet wonderfully subtle dessert.