Nyamming 1


West africa to caribbean

Nyamming is a series that investigates Caribbean cuisine. Each episode explores culinary-tradition that reach far beyond the plate...

”Nyamming is a gateway to understanding this culture.”
Joseph Pilgrim, ISC


Guests will explore the intertwined histories of today’s Black London. Complemented by performance each of the four-courses will further encourage guests to unravel the story, from The Middle Passage to contemporary London. Plus, TT Liquor’s head mixologist will pair a cocktail for each course.

Chef Lopè Ariyo,
Author of Hibiscus and chef at London’s new West African restaurant, Ikoyi.
Chef Marie Mitchell, Co-founder of Island Social Club and head chef at Pop’s Kitchen.

Chapter 1
Starter: The Middle Passage
The beginning of Caribbean culture as we experience it in London today. We pay homage to the strength and ability of enslaved Africans to form a culture so vibrant, under such duress.

Chapter 2
Fish: ‘Creole’ Caribbean
We subvert the idea of a Creole-European Caribbean. Africa’s influence in the new world, was often understated. Here, we discover how Afri-Caribbeans maintained culture as a solution to displacement.

Chapter 3
Main: Rich Africa
The richness of African culture is often hidden from the Western World behind such things as corruption and aid. We’ll be immersed into the intricate web of cultures that make up West and Central Africa.

Chapter 4
Dessert: Black London
Black London is a phenomenon. Two cultures, London’s African and Caribbean communities, that have taken two very different diasporic paths met and formed the brilliant Black Britain we experience today.


Carving a space for fine Caribbean dining.


Showcasing great artistic minds.


Sharing the diversity within our culture…


… With our intergenerational community.


Unearthing the Caribbean’s roots.

The Funtunfunefu Denkyemfunefu is a West African symbol, showing two crocodiles linked by the stomach, their heads and mouths facing different directions. The beast shares a belly, but fights over food - it’s a symbol for the complexity of sharing experience in our society.