Nyamming 3


Nyamming 3
ital GROUNDing

258 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4DG
Thursday 24th October 2019

4 Courses
’Grounding’ Performance
Cocktail Pairing

Nyamming – Episode 3: ‘Grounding’ will be an evening of plant-based dishes inspired by the Ital food practice, a philosophy derived from Rastafari.

Together, co-founder of ISC, Marie Mitchell and Dee’s Table founder, Denai Moore, have devised a four course menu that echoes the Ital belief system and salutes sustainability in its purest form. Each dish aims to dispel some myths of Rastafari and highlight it’s history of plant-based living that was in existence long before 21st century ‘veganism’. 

The dishes will be formed from British seasonality, but with Caribbean flavours.  The evening is designed to guide our understanding of the Ital way and how it can influence our appetites today.

Learning about high and low-vibration foods, how to live simply through gaining an understanding, appreciation and connection to the food you eat, and how these young chefs are taking their future food culture in to their own hands.