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Island Social Club
Rum Punch

We source and import the specific rums that are needed to make these drinks so special. In true Caribbean style, we rest our punches for no less than one month before serving.

Maboat --- Sweet and Punchy
Clarke’s Court Overproof Rum. Orange. Lime. Allspice. Cherry. Nutmeg

Trini-lime  --- Balanced and Fresh
White Overproof Rum. Lime. Fine Sugar. Angostura Bitters. Nutmeg 

Rum Punch Special
Each Month


Black Britons

We believe that the appreciation of diversity within cultures is one of the biggest drivers towards a progressive society. We previously celebrated the diversity within Caribbean culture, this section highlights the multiculturalistic nature of Black British society.

Each drink is connected to a character.
Each character has contributed to the Black British diasporas.

One Ice Boss --- Black Masculinity
Hennessey & Courvoisier Blend. Spiced Coca Cola Reduction. Lemon 

TainTin --- Diaspora Culture
Roast Plantain Whiskey. Chai Tea. Bitters

Koffee --- Contemporaries
Aged Rum. Ethiopean Coffee x2. Cream. Cacao Dust


Island Cultures

Pushing the diversity of Caribbean culture is one of our biggest motivations. This section offers representation to the island cultures that stretch far beyond, but include Jamaica— From ‘small island’ Grenada and’ culture clashing’ Trinidad to ‘revolutionary’ Haiti.

Haitian Daiquiri --- Emancipation
Clairin Rhum. Lime. Pineapple. Coconut Rabadou

Holiday, Home --- Small Island Talent
Coconut Rum. Grenadian Rum. Orange. Pineapple. Coconut. Nutmeg. Cacoa

Facety --- Bitter Sweet
Vodka. Sweet Vermouth. Pineapple Campari. Grapefuit. Mango

Creole is a Culture --- Francophone
Rhum Agricole. Velvet Falernum. Whole Lime. O.F.T.D.. Bitters


Island Social Club Classics

Rum Old Fashioned £10
5 YO Aged Blended Rum. Cane Sugar. Angostura Bitters. Orange

Scotchy Margarita £8
Tequila Blanco. Cointrea. Lime. Scotch Bonnet

Ti’ Punch £9
Clement Canne Bleue. Lime. Cane


White Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)
Delicate citrus and melon aromas and a hint of fresh cut grass 125ml 5 / bottle 24

Red Merlot (Chile)
Explosively fruity- ripe plums with fresh mint notes. Low tannins 125ml 5 / bottle 24

Red Grenache Tramontane (France)
Powerful but smooth, this wine is a true reflection of terroir. 125ml 6.5 / bottle 29.5

Prosecco (Italy)
Light, off-dry and lightly sparkling. Notes of pear, lemon and ripe apple.  125ml 6.5 / bottle 29

Carib (Trinidad) - Bottle of light and crisp beer drunk on one half of the island. 4.5
Piton - Refreshing and tasty. 4.5
Red Stripe (Jamaica) - Bottle of Jamaica’s famous export. 4.5
Guinness Extra Stout - A stronger and more flavourful beer, drunk on the other. 5
Leffe Blonde - The famous Belgian Beer. 5


Dark Storm (fresh ginger, fresh lime, soda) 5
Soursop Juice 4.5
Coconut Water 3
Old Jamaican Ginger Beer 2.5
Sarsaparilla 2.5
Water (Still/Sparking) 2

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Island Social Club-8046.jpg